How to prepare for a vocal recording session

Get a good night’s sleep before the recording session and make sure you sleep in a comfortable position. You don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck, back aches or a tired voice because you didn’t sleep properly.

If you smoke or drink you will want to refrain from these habits leading up to and on the day of your recording session. Smoking damages the lungs and can have a negative impact on your breathing. It’s not recommended you quit just before a recording session because this will lead to excess phlegm buildup, coughing and will hinder your ability to sing. Drinking will cause a number of issues especially if you drink the night before recording.

Whilst you should make sure you practice thoroughly, extensive practising a few days before recording will hinder the voice. The day before you want to refrain from yelling or shouting. Let your vocal chords rest and you’ll hear the difference

Think about what you drink prior and during your recording session. Stick with water that’s room temperature as much as possible. Herbal/lemon tea without milk is an industry
trick and a highly beneficial beverage to drink when preparing vocals for recording.Coffee, carbonated beverages, dairy products should also be avoided before and during your recording session as these can dry out the throat and cause excess phlegm.  Avoid ice water as it can cause the vocal cords to tighten.

Your vocals will be a lot stronger if you don’t have to think so much about what you’re singing. Practice the song inside and out. This is crucial to preparing for a studio session. The better you know what you’re singing, the more focused you can be on the emotion of your singing and not the words.

Don’t forget to give your vocals a warm up before you jump into the recording session. You want to loosen up the muscles in your chest and around your vocal chords gradually. Properly warming up your vocals before your recording session will reduce strain on the vocal chords and better prepare them for the work you’re about to do.  This video is a good starting point

See you in the studio soon!


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